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An Entity Relatedness Test Dataset

José Eduardo Talavera Herrera, Marco Antonio Casanova, Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Luiz André P. Paes Leme and Giseli Rabello Lopes


clock_eventOctober 23, 2017, 15:00.
house Lehár 4
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A knowledge base stores descriptions of entities and their relationships, often in the form of a very large RDF graph, such as DBpedia or Wikidata. The entity relatedness problem refers to the question of computing the relationship paths that better capture the connectivity between a given entity pair. This paper describes a dataset created to support the evaluation of approaches that address the entity relatedness problem. The dataset covers two familiar domains, music and movies, and uses data available in IMDb and, which are popular reference datasets in these domains. The paper describes in detail how sets of entity pairs from each of these domains were selected and, for each entity pair, how a ranked list of relationship paths was obtained.

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